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San Martín de Porres

San Martín de Porres is an organizaton that works with children afflicted with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. They provide a complete grade school for children and offer a range of services on an individual and group basis. In addition they offer an adult program for when their students past school age to help them integrate better into daily life, taking care of themselves at home and in everyday jobs. It is respected as the most progressive organization that works with Autistic kids in all of Argentina.

We have visited the school several times to learn first hand how their program works, and meet with their administrators to develop a better web page to both inform the families of their kids and promote the organization worldwide. For their web site we did everything in this project from design to development, investigating their needs, and organizing the content that they wished to present in the best way for their users. This was built with Wordpress to run their entire site and allow the staff of Porres direct access to update any of the content via any web browser. All is in the Spanish language, including the administration.