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Sprout is a non-profit community based organization which investigates and implements alternative approaches to agriculture. The client had an existing website hosted by another organization. It was static and without its own identity. The content had not been changed in over a year. Sprout is constantly involved in innovative research projects and seminars, with the input of various existing members and other community onlookers, and had needed a web presence to better reflect this.

We designed and developed the entire website. Drupal was used as the system to manage the content of the Sprout website; which was designed it to be more usable for its audience and for the editor who manages the content. The Sprout website now also includes some community features such as discussions within selected features, and a blog. The website now better represents the Sprout organization and is a vital tool for organizing events and sharing the documentation of projects, amongst other things. Furthermore it was designed and constructed in such a way that it will be able to grow more organically over time without needing a severe redesign.