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Community Food & Juice

Business card

The printing for these cards came out very nice, thanks to the folks at Precise Printing Co. in Brooklyn.

Website Home Page

For this website, we used our own content management system, blockCMS, which allows any part of a static website to be converted to an editable block of content. blockCMS is deliberately made and kept simple so that it perfectly caters to the needs of a small website.

Visit the site.

Menu Design

We designed a full set of menus (breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, desserts, drinks, etc..). If you want to take a look at their full offering, you can visit their website at

Party Invite

It was a great party. We love working for restaurants.

The Restaurant

Here is how the restaurant looks. It's very nice and comfy. Naturally, we didn't design the space; we just want to show you how it looks.