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Website design and development

  • Web design
  • Programming
  • Hosting
  • Search engine optimization (“SEO”)
  • Maintenance
  • Photography (product and interior)

General graphic design and branding services

  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Postcards
  • Signs
  • Menus
  • Newsletters
  • Charts, maps, illustrations, etc..

Motion graphics

  • Animated logos
  • Sales/marketing presentations
  • Corporate communications
  • Digital signage

Creation of: iPhone and Flash application development: design, programming, and distribution.

Screencast Production: we can create simple, low-cost production of videos to show how to use a computer program or a website by recording what is on the computer screen.

Web Banner Ad Creation: GIF and Flash formats, including design and coding.

Internet-based PR: use of social networking, search engines, blogs, emails, podcasts, web-videos to promote your business.

Character Development: creation of characters or mascots as part of branding.


  • New web-based ventures: For any new ideas for a web-based business, we provide our recommendations based on research, our own experience and knowledge, and/or market testing, both from a technical and business point of view.
  • Technical consulting: finding the appropriate technical solutions for the communication needs of your business; such as email, websites, knowledge-base, blogs, discussion boards, content management systems.